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4-Storey Building Architectural and Project Design- Douala-Cameroon

complete design of a four-storey, 11 apartment multitenant building in a marshy plot in Douala.

2-Storey Duplex Residential Building Architectural and Project Design- Buea-Cameroon

Complete turnkey design and building of a 2 storey modern contemporary duplex in Buea on the slopes of Mt Fako

Logistics Management Website / Application

Project included the delivery of a web application to serve as a CRM, provide a landing page for sales, workspaces for each team member, internal communication, corporate branding.

Self-Hosted GPS Tracking Platform

SuretraQ is Self hosted GPS asset tracking platform for vehicles, bikes, persons, containers and many more. SuretraQ provides driver performance monitoring, fleet management, multiple users per asset, consolidated accounts among many other features.

Modern Contemporary Private Residence - Olembe

Modern contemporary design and building services in Olembe Yaounde, designed and executed as a turnkey project by SETL. This project has lasted for thirteen months since start of construction and is currently at the level of interior finish and external landscaping

The Benefits of a Campus-Wide Wireless CCTV Network: Enhancing Security and Efficiency.

In an era where security and efficiency are paramount, the implementation of a campus-wide wireless CCTV network on a sprawling ten-acre property is not just a necessity but a game-changer.

Unlocking Limitless Potential: The Power of Fiber Optic Data Networks

In today's digital age, connectivity is the lifeblood of progress, and a ten-acre expanse of land deserves nothing less than the unparalleled capabilities of a Fiber Optic Data Network.

The Vital Role of Expert SCADA Installation in Thermal Plants

In the intricate world of thermal power generation, where efficiency and safety are paramount, the installation of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems is paramount.

Transforming Education with Sure Engineering's Cowry ERP: A Smarter Way to Manage Educational Institutions

At Sure Engineering and Technologies LTD, we're thrilled to announce the successful implementation of our comprehensive Education ERP system, powered by Cowry ERP, for an esteemed educational institution.