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2-Storey Duplex Residential Building Architectural and Project Design- Buea-Cameroon

Project Detail

With some complex requirements from a client who needed a modern house that made use of all the views of BUEA, we designed a contemporary  modern house with open views and orientations to make great use of both the mountain views as well as the city views of Buea. This project therefore involved the architectural design, electrical, plan, plumbing, water and sanitary evacuations, HVAC design, structural plan and building estimation and planning services. The request came in at short notice in a difficult site with limited access. The hilly nature of the site and rocky slopes of the Mt Fako pushed the architects to landscape the property with a maximum use of the existing contours. The site is bordered by enough open spaces and endless green views; easing some of the considerations related to zoning and urbanization requirements and regulations. 

With all these considerations, SETL provided a full set of architectural plans, structural calculations, electrical plans, plumbing and evacuation plans  project estimate, a project plan.

Upon submission, having respected the tight deadlines and come up with an excellent mastery of the processes involved, the client was of the opinion that SETL be hired for the final delivery of the design. Final preparations for start of work.

Project Photos

Project Video