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Vehicle tracking by GPS, an advantage or a disadvantage?

Vehicle tracking by GPS, an advantage or a disadvantage?

Posted On: 28 Nov, 2020

Because they are inexpensive and can be very popular navigation devices in the workplace, however, among the many rules that govern their use to ensure that employee privacy is respected.

The Purpose

Geolocation devices can be installed in vehicles used by employees to:

Track, account for and bill for the provision of transport of people, goods or services directly related to the use of the vehicle.

·         For example: ambulances as part of the dematerialization of health insurance billing.

·         Ensure the safety of the employee, the goods or the vehicles in his or her charge, including the recovery of the vehicle in case of theft.

·         Better allocate resources for services to be performed in dispersed locations, especially for emergency interventions.

·         For example: identify the employee closest to a lift breakdown or the ambulance closest to an accident.

·         Secondarily, to track working time, when this cannot be achieved by any other means. 

Uses to be excluded

A geolocation device installed in a vehicle provided to an employee cannot be used

·         To monitor compliance with speed limits.

·         To monitor an employee at all times.

·         In particular, it may not be used :

o   In the Vehicle of an employee with freedom of movement.

o   To monitor the movements of staff representatives within the framework of their mandate.

o   To collect location outside of working hours, including to combat theft or compliance with the conditions of use of the Vehicle.

o   To calculate the working time of employees where another device already exists. 

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