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Automated Hospital Management

Automated Hospital Management

Posted On: 01 Jun, 2022


We are living in the age of Information Technology. It is an age of fast and precise information. Every sector has benefited from Information Technology. It has changed the way information and data are processed, shared, and managed.

This change has also touched the healthcare sector in a big way. Large quantities of data and information are processed in this sector. These include patient health records, laboratory records, imaging records, billing information, and hospital records.

Doctors, administrators, and nurses are now demanding an efficient and safe healthcare management system for improving the management of their Health Centers. More and more doctors and physicians are moving away from the traditional methods of maintaining paper records. Many of them are adopting digital clinic information management systems in a big way.

Increasing demand for automating hospital workflow necessitates good software. This software must meet the requirements of modern hospital information management. Sure HMS has played a major role in meeting these requirements.

Understanding Hospital automation

Sure HMS is software that is designed as a complete hospital management system. Its primary aim is to make the entire management system paperless. All information is now stored, maintained, and available digitally with this unique software. This helps physicians, doctors, clinics, and hospitals to access, process, and share information quickly, safely, and effectively.
Advantages of automating Hospital management Systems

A transition to digitalizing hospital management must meet some requirements satisfactorily. The main requirement is that it must be effortless. At the same time, it must make life easy for both the physicians and their patients.

Let us look at some features of Sure HMS and how it is helping doctors and physicians:
Paperless Health Centers

Keeping and maintaining medical records in paper form is a huge task. It takes a lot of effort to manage information on paper. Some of the disadvantages of this system are

    A lot of time is required to write the records
    Valuable space is used up to keep these records
    A huge amount of effort and money is spent in maintaining these records
    Accessing paper records is a time-consuming process
    Difficulty in sharing paper records

Keeping digital records is the only solution. It eliminates the need for paper records. For physicians and doctors, it means less time, money, and effort spent to create, maintain, and access patient information. It also means an easy, efficient, and effortless medical practice.

Sure HMS is ideal for different kinds of medical specializations. Automation can be done for each specialization of healthcare. Some of the specializations that are already available:

    General surgery
    Dental Care

Every specialized doctor and physician can now get software designed as per their specific needs. This is an important aspect of an effortless transition.

Sure HMS is a very safe software and adheres to all rules and regulations concerned with automating hospital management systems both in Cameroon and around the world

Ease of Use

Any healthcare management system must be easy to use. Every aspect of the workflow must be easily accessible and usable. This is achieved through an online appointment system. This makes the entire clinical workflow effortless not only for the physician but for the patients too. Some advantages of this system:

    Ease in patient registrations
    Ease staff and patient management
    Goes as far as inventory management
    Maintaining schedules and appointments
    Live meetings and consultations
    Automated notifications and SMS alerts
    Ease of information access even when away from the center
    Billing and payment management

Data analysis

Advanced data analysis available through software means more accurate diagnosis and treatments. Efficiency in prescribing accurate treatment quickly plays an important role in the doctor-patient relationship. It also enhances the time management of physicians and doctors.

Other important features

Sure HMS comes with a host of other features that help ease the day-to-day activities of doctors and physicians. Some of these features are

    Patient management system
    Inventory information system
    Laboratory information system
    Medical equipment management and maintenance system
    Radiology and imaging information system
    Pharmacy information system
    Hospital support system

These systems can help a physician keep all information about their patients. Ease in locating and using this information is a key factor in effortlessly maintaining clinical workflow.

Ease for patients

Patients can now store their health records in digital format. This means that they can not only store their medical history online but can also access them easily. This is particularly useful when the information needs to be shared with a consulting physician or a family member.

Proven software

Sure HMS is being successfully used all over Cameroon. This software has helped a massive number of hospitals to automate their clinical workflow. The use of information technology has led to a better clinic information management system. It has been tried and tested. It has proved to vastly improve healthcare management

    Information management
    Patient management
    Time management
    Space management

Testimonials of doctors who are using the software are very encouraging. Some common key factors in testimonials included

    User friendly
    Economical pricing
    Good service and support


There are a host of advantages for physicians and doctors to automate their healthcare system. An efficient Hospital Management system is an important element of any clinical practice. In modern times, keeping and maintaining information on a digital platform is a necessity. Clinics and hospitals across the world are adopting digital clinic information management systems.

More and more doctors and physicians are opting to automate their hospital workflow. While there are many software solutions available, it is important to consider all the features of each software before implementation.

Sure HMS, with all its features and advantages, is a successful forerunner in automating health information management systems.


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