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Tailored Solutions

SETL strives to provide excellently tailored engineering solutions for the African emergent market

Quality Service

At SETL, we are always conscious of client specifications while keeping costs within scope. We never sacrifice service quality.

Cutting Edge Technology

SETL spearheads the use of cutting edge technology to improve lives and deliver best in class projects to its customer base.

Innovative Leadership

SETL offers innovative engineering and technology services in Cameroon. SETL brings to market, custom solutions tailored to each client's need.

Customer Satisfaction

Meeting or exceeding customer expectations in everything we do is part of our DNA.

Guaranteed Delivery

Our clients can rest assured of our delivery guarantees. SETL guarantees the adequate quality of its products and services,

Welcome to Sure Engineeering & Technology Ltd.

Engineering excellence

At SETL, we believe in building high value, meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients by offering best in class services and products.

We are committed to excellence and accompany all our clients with the same diligence and dedication. No client is too big or too small, nor a project too big or too small for our measured, methodical approach.

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Dedicated teams motivated by quality services and products to our valuable clients


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Are you looking for a building contractor? Or a power engineering firm? Or is it a web or information technology provider? We are always ready for a challenge and able to offer best in class services.
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